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The founders of Waste Or Create Hub always saw the need to build up a new cohort of people who can find solutions to environmental problems by creating innovative strategies, partnerships, products or services; and to challenge individuals and organizations to think and act sustainably.

Who We Are


Proffering pragmatic and futuristic solutions to environmental problems.

Who We Are

We believe that with art, innovation, and creativity nothing is a waste


Be the leading light of innovative, creative and sustainable solutions towards environmental and economic development.


Execution Model (R.I.C.E)

Our model teaches and researches strategy, decision-making, technology, management innovation and creativity within the context of environmental sustainability. We focus on how and why we need to generate new business growth opportunities by treating social and environmental challenges as unmet market needs. Within these parameters, we look closely at how we can empower people by emphasizing how technology commercialization strategies catalyze sustainable innovation.


We research on innovative and sustainable solutions that are implementable and backed with detailed analysis and thought processes.


We are constantly finding and implementing new ideas as well as improving products and services that are effective in solving environmental problems.


We creatively proffer functional solutions in a more pragmatic process.


We ensure sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth for all by educating, investing and inculcating best practices and policies.


Circular place

The adverse effects of COVID-19 policy interventions, notably the mobility restrictions on people have forced businesses to move online for marketing and sales purposes. But are we fully prepared for this big change?

Past Events

Past Events

Africa Recycle symposium and virtual fair

Africa Recycle Symposium is convened by Waste Or Create Hub since 2018 .The event is a focal point for the increasing complex issues for proper waste management, climate action ,environmental degradation and sustainability in Africa. In 2020, ARS collaborated with RECYCLE 20220 to empower individuals and industries on how technology commercialization strategies catalyze sustainable innovation.

Our Partners

Our team believes that WE is better than ME; we bring together policymakers, environmental sustainability and environmental waste management stakeholders, recycling professionals, researchers, business developers, young and upwardly mobile, international trade markets etc. to proffer innovative and creative solutions towards a zero waste generation


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