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Africa's First Eco-Innovation Center

WASTE OR CREATE HUB founders always believed in the need to build up a new cohort of people who can find solutions and synergies for environmental sustainability, creating innovative products and services that solve environmental problems and challenges people’s mindset to be environmentally cautious in the need to drive a circular economy for everyone involved.

Featured On How We Made In Africa, Aljazeera, CCTV And More Than 10 Local Media Outlets In Africa.


About us
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Our Approaches

Waste Or Create was founded in 2014 as a campus-based project with one goal to inspire young people to be environmental heroes by creating from waste materials reducing waste through designing in a fun and exciting process.

Today, we are Africa’s leading light in innovative, creative and sustainable solutions towards environmental and economic development. We are currently working in 4 West African Countries. With our Environmental Workforce For Africa Strategy, we have developed our skills, talents and capacity to achieve this strategy which we believe will create radical new technologies to solve some of the world’s hardest problems and define the future we live in.At Waste Or Create we focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts And Math (STEAM ) based approaches to proffer solutions to environmental problems.

How we’re tackling some of the most complex global challenges.

Our Work

Highlight Circular Place Project

The adverse effects of COVID-19 on eco-friendly SMEs and MSMEs are notably immersed but concurrently, has inspired collaboration between Mastercard Foundation and Waste Or Create Hub to birth Africa’s first green commerce platform- Circular Place. The Mastercard Foundation’s COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Program seeks to deepen the capacity of institutions to withstand the pandemic crisis and reignite collapsing economies. This aligns very much with the focus of the Waste or Create hub which seeks to inspire businesses and people to think and act sustainably and find innovative solutions to the hardest environmental problem.  
Circular Place will provide an on-demand solution that is designed specifically to fit the unique needs of eco- businesses today. The platform exists to make eco-friendly products and services easily accessible and more preferable as well as empower eco enterprises to showcase their innovations and help the buyer find high-quality product alternatives for their everyday needs.

Execution Model (R.I.C.E)


We research on innovative and sustainable solutions that are implementable and backed with detailed analysis and thought processes


We are constantly finding and implementing new ideas as well as improving products and services that are effective in solving environmental problems.

Execution Model


We  creatively  proffer functional solutions in a more pragmatic process


We ensure sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth for all by educating, investing, and inculcating best practices and policies.


People Impacted


Programs And


Emerging Eco
Workforce Equipped




Tonnes of Waste

Our Vision
our vision

To become the leading light of innovative, creative and sustainable solutions towards environmental and economic development

We bring people together to create radical innovations to solve some of the environmental and climate hardest problems. We combine principles of sustainability with STEAM-education in an engaging, alternative and skills-based approach. To develop the talent for the businesses and industries that will shape the future of tomorrow.

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