About us
About Waste or Create Hub

Innovation starts with people

We bring people together to create radical innovations to solve some of the environmental and climate hardest problems.

Waste Or Create Hub is an Eco-Innovation Center with an inclusive, technical and practical space for sustainable innovations. This all-in-one maker space, coworking facility, Resource Center, and Environmental workforce incubator.

Social Enterprise Of The Year 2018

Our Strategy

Environmental Workforce For Africa

These past years, Waste Or Create Hub have used education and practical solutions as fundamental to achieving an impact that has seen tremendous success. We play a critical role in preparing future generations to participate responsibly in building a sustainable and inclusive green economy, with healthy and productive ecosystems. 

We have grown our initiative, worked and collaborated with some of the biggest companies and organizations around the globe. We are looking to create a permanent mark that will enhance the future of the green economy in Africa. By creating the first Integrated Makerspace, Coworking and Resource Center that will enable and build the environmental workforces for the future.

Based on what we have learned and leveraging on our existing skills, multi-disciplinary talents and expertise, we want to diversify from a business / public-friendly educational focus to an industrial focus. we have developed a new strategy, Environmental Work Force For Africa. This is in line with the global trend of being able to innovate for environmental sustainability as the key driving force towards the SDG 8 Decent Work and economic growth in way of promoting an inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all especially Young people, Using youth employment as an indicator of progress, whilst placing more value on experiences and equipping youths of Africa with unique skillsets for any work environment.

Environ workforce for africa

What People Say

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