Ecopreneurship – Redefining Social Entrepreneurship for Restoration.

Waste Or Create’s Fireside in Celebration of World Environmental Day 2021.

Discussion Topic: Ecopreneurship – Redefining Social Entrepreneurship for Restoration. (Africa in Focus).


World Environment Day celebrated annually on June 5th, is the United Nations flagship day for encouraging global awareness and action to protect our environment. Held annually since 1974, this event has grown to become the biggest, most celebrated day for positive environmental action. The theme for World Environment Day 2021 is “Ecosystem Restoration” and calls for urgent action to revive our damaged ecosystems.

Ecosystem Restoration; is a global undertaking at a massive scale. It means repairing billions of hectares of land – an area greater than China or the USA – so that people have access to food, clean water and jobs. It means bringing back plants and animals from the brink of extinction, from the peaks of mountains to the depths of the sea.

But it also includes the many small actions everyone can take, every day: growing trees, greening our cities, rewilding our gardens or cleaning up trash alongside rivers and coasts.

The Waste Or Create Fire Side Chat Objective.

The Month of June is always a special month for us at Waste or Create Hub. For years we have celebrated World Environment Day taking action differently. With more than 15 active partners Our World environmental day activities have seen a tremendous impact from our school awareness programs to planting more than 1000 trees. We #ecothemessage on the need to save our environment from various environmental challenges around the world whilst encouraging more people to take action.

At waste or Create Hub we prioritize the role of the young people to champion this change that we want to see and this is why we very excited about this year’s theme Ecosystem Restoration #generationsrestoration.

The African narrative is gradually shifting from aid-led solutions to enterprise-led solutions to developmental problems. The growing number of Social entrepreneurs, in particular, help to tackle social and environmental problems at the same time as providing goods and services for their communities. Their work brings together a different initiative that drives both economic and social change to build the resilience of their communities.

This is why we believe that the conversation on how we can Redefine Social Entrepreneurship For Restoration is important to share ideas, solutions, best practices and opportunities that will enable the environmental workforce for Africa to proffer many small to big actions everyone can take every day.

Date: World Environment Day, Saturday 5th June 2021

Time: 4pm GMT

Venue: @wasteorcreate Instagram Live

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