Samudeen Mohammed

Finance Director / Board Member
Finance Director / Board Member

Personal Experience

Samudeen Mohammed Tahir is a Financial Professional with over 8+years’ experience across the Accounting, Financial Services and Investments. His career has been built within the sectors of Oil and Gas, Consulting, Environment, Health and Wellness, Brand Development, Business Development, and Strategies, STEAM Education, Technology, Human Resources and Products, and Services ) covering the full value chain of Accounting solutions , Consulting and Practice for transformational business best practices.

He is very passionate about financial inclusion, tax planning and compliance, investment market oversight, and the development of people. Mr. Mohammed has spent these past years rolling out solutions that truly create inclusion of financial literacy, SME investment planning process value investing, which involves identifying and buying undervalued stocks that had the potential to grow over time. He has great instinct in calculating a business intrinsic value, his approach eschews trends and hot ideas and relies instead on diligent research, thorough financial analysis, patience, and standard concepts today.
Samudeen contributions to Ghana’s SME’s financial growth drive spans from product development to alternative interventions, best practices formulation, and implementation. He has also served on several boards and committees in Ghana, including the Board of Waste Or Creates Hub , Startup Africa Network Investment Fund , Star Brand Consult, Color Blakk ID LTD, Spycee Look LTD, Juvenex Home Spa Ltd , YM Ventures And Tuniq LTD.

He has also worked with Pentax Management Consultancy Services, Dzibordi Consulting Group, Allure Africa Group Limited, Council for Scientific And Industrial Research (CSIR-IIR) amongst others.
Mr. Mohammed holds various certifications including a Level 2 Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA), Level 6 Extended Diploma in Finance (Accra Business School),Management in Oil and Gas (GIMPA) Institute of Accountancy Training at Ministry of Finance Ghana, University of Professional Studies (UPSA) and He is currently undergoing a certification program from the Ghana Stock Exchange.

He is originally from Ghana but lives in Accra and works with clients worldwide. Samdueen is a Man of many skills when he is not implementation or developing innovative accounting financial solutions, He has his sleeves rolled up and he wellington boots on cultivating and working with farmers to achieve sustainability and food security goals across various regions in Ghana.

Professional Skills

digital strategy
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financial services
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Early Years

He is a services industry veteran with a diversified wealth of expertise that includes worldwide operations, delivery, process improvements, mergers and acquisitions, and integration, as well as sales and business development.

He is responsible for all delivery, operations, talent recruitment and management, and information technology. He is responsible for the alignment and prioritization of company investments – enabling growth.

Career Guidelines

Prior to joining Integrio, he spent 20+ years at Inmosys, where he held a wide range of global leadership roles, from services to products, and across operations and sales. Most recently, he was SVP & Global Head of the Manufacturing business, as well as a board member of their software subsidiary. He is also an avid cook and history buff. You can find him dining late at night with the chefs of the hotels where he stays during his travels, or reading in his home library.

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